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Photo by Adam Larsen

Recent Works

Swivel Fields (Ballet Augsburg)

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Dancer credit: Ballet Augsburg

Ballet Augsburg
Premiere: December 2007, Augsburg, Germany
Choreography: Emily Molnar
Music: John Adams “Shaker Loops”
Costumes: Archel Angelo Alberto
Lighting: Gerhard Funk

Between the folds,
In the swivel fields of the mind,
The images /contained/ are a woven state.
Emerging from reflective fragments,
They hover amongst the hollowing.
Surfacing is the presence of the intimate,
Unbound yet isolated.
A shadowed fragility. - Emily Molnar

“Out of the presence comes the abstract … Swivel Fields. Molnar modeled together with the ensemble an expressive tale , complex and sensual at the same time.” - Berndt Herrmann, Aichacher Zeitung

“The fascinating work Swivel Fields … a contemporary image of many layers and a huge pull effect, dramaturgically suspended on the wonderfully accentuated solo parts … The dissolved structures which she imagined into a void and loaded with dense variations constantly changing their directions, mirror in a gleaming way a modern experience of the individual.” - Alexandra Karabelas, Tanzportal Bayern

“The best choreography of the evening came from Emily Molnar to the music of John Adams. Molnar took the incitement of the music and created a haunting scenario.” - Volker Boser, Augsburger Abendzeitung

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Carmina Burana (Alberta Ballet)

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Dancer credit: Alberta Ballet

Alberta Ballet
Premiere: October 2006, Calgary
Choreography: Emily Molnar
Music: Carl Orff
Lighting and Set Design: Pierre Lavoie
Video Design: Adam Larsen
Costume Design: Linda Chow

"Burning inside with violent anger,
bitterly I speak to my heart:
created from matter,
of the ashes of the elements,
I am like a leaf played with by the winds." - Carmina Burana

“Her tavern scene is a brilliant example of raging testosterone in motion. In contrast, Molnar's almost slow motion movement for the siren ladies of the court of love oozes sex, sensuality and subtlety in their duets with the hero. At her best, Molnar is a fine sculptor of lighting-fast footwork and mercurial changes of direction.” - Paula Citron, Globe and Mail

“The world premiere of Carmina Burana is spectacular … filled with sensuality and stirring moments.” - Natalie St. Denis, FFWD

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4 Flights Down (Cedar Lake Dance)

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Photo credit: Cedar Lake Dance

“Most interesting was Emily Molnar's 4 Flights down … the movement was constantly compelling.” - Chappelle Chambers, Metro NYC

Cedar Lake Dance
Premiere: January 2006, New York City
Choreography: Emily Molnar
Original Composition: Gordon Cobb
Lighting Design: Jim French
Costume Design: Jughhyn Georgia Lee

Falling deep beneath into a waking sleep, a shadowed world travels the landscape of a secret identity. The work is inspired by the collaborative theme of the evening, Dream, and the Book Of Disquiet, by Fernando Pessoa. It is an exploration of the various stages towards deep consciousness and how they act as a channel towards the dream world.

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Lifelines (Gioconda Barbuto and Michael Slobodian)

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Photo credit: Michael Slobodian

Premiere: January 2008, L’Agora de la Danse (Montreal)
Concept: Gioconda Barbuto, Emily Molnar, Michael Slobodian
Performance and Choreography: Gioconda Barbuto, Emily Molnar
Photo and Video: Michael Slobodian
Music: Michel Drapeau, Eleni Karaindrou, Gordon Monahan
Lighting: Pierre Lavoie
Costumes: Liz Vandal, Linda Chow
Choreography: Emily Molnar

“There is pleasure to be had watching this pluralist show. Front and centre, these two beautiful dancers possess commanding line and technique, glorious attack and a nuanced control of their contrasting bodies … there are Barbuto and Molnar, each with an indelible presence — all expert strength and purpose — distinguishing the night and providing some real satisfaction and inspiration.” - Philip Szporer, The Dance Current

“We are seduced by the quality of interpretation, which is amplified by the richness of gesture vocabulary. Many magnificent duets of tightly knit bodies permit these two complimentary energies to rejoin and amplify them selves. Within harmony or combativeness they evoke the relationship that our body has with the racing of time.” - Anne-Christelle Le Hir, Dfdanse

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Utterance (Ballet Mannheim)

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Dancer Credit: Mami Hata and Agata Zajac

Ballet Mannheim
Premiere: May 2007, Mannheim, Germany
Choreography: Emily Molnar
Performers: Mami Hata and Agata Zajac
Music: Martin Gotfrit
Lighting: Mark Stanley
Costumes: Janine Werthmann

In conversation with Eva-Maria Steinel and Emily Molnar:

ES: The word "utterance" really fascinates me because we almost have no similar word in the German language. How would you describe it, especially in reference to a danced utterance?

EM: Utterance is a word that does not have a precise linguistic definition. It is often defined as a unit of speech bounded by silence. In relation to the work I was intrigued by the idea of an expression bound by silence, an expression of the impermanence of life and how things pass and disappear.

SubSilence (Emily Molnar Dance)

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“Throughout, the woman has presence to burn …. It takes guts to break out on your own as a choreographer, and there's more than enough originality in SubSilence to leave us hoping we hear plenty more from Molnar.” - Janet Smith, Georgia Straight

Emily Molnar Dance
Premiere: May 2005, Vancouver
Performance, choreography and concept: Emily Molnar
Original Composition: Gordon Cobb
Lighting Design: Pierre Lavoie
Video Design: Jenn Ström
Costume Design: Linda Chow

SubSilence premiered in May 2005 with sold-out performances. This solo work is a 50-minute cycle of powerfully visceral and physically captivating contemporary dance. Emily Molnar, in collaboration with internationally renowned lighting designer Pierre Lavoie, experimental composer and sound designer Gordon Cobb and video artist Jenn Ström create an interwoven work where the elusive and abstract realm of silence gives voice to the subconscious. Through the process of change, SubSilence surrenders to stillness and the discovery of life's fragility. This work was made possible with the generous support of The Canada Council for the Arts, The British Columbia Arts Council and Arts Umbrella.

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Portrait of a Suspended Grace (Alberta Ballet)

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Photo credits: Alberta Ballet

“Danced beautifully and wonderfully designed, the work shifts effortlessly back and forth from group dancing in wonderfully powerful unison to highly individual displays of artistry from each of the men.” - Pamela Anthony, Edmonton Journal

Alberta Ballet: Premiere February 2004
Choreography: Emily Molnar
Composer: Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Stabat Mater
Lighting Design: Pierre Lavoie
Costume Design: Linda Chow

“This piece was inspired by the work of Francis Bacon (1909-1992), one of the great modern painters of the male figure and by the 18th Century composer Giovanni Battista Pergolesi. Portrait of a Suspended Grace is a study of seven men who represent seven points of an axis. The work was structured from various modes of improvisation and research taken from the process and paintings of Bacon. My first intent was to create a vehicle for the male voice, from there I was given the task of choosing vocal music for the themed evening which brought me to the Pergolesi score. Although the music is of a religious tone, the relationship of the piece to the music is abstract and conceptual. The men were driven and informed by the music but not accessing it as a literal translation. Their interpretation was a departure point for their own internal narratives. The work is defined by their individuality.” - Emily Molnar

Complete List of Works


New Work: Morphoses, The Wheeldon Company (Premiere September)
New Work: Pro Arte Danza (Premiere October)
LifeLines: Collaborative full-length work with Gioconda Barbuto and Michael Slobodian
Fragments of a Marked Space: Duet for Jennifer Clark and Chengxin Wei
Time Tell: Emily Molnar Dance


Swivel Fields: Ballet Augsburg
Utterance: Ballet Mannheim
Études Pour Piano: Duet with pianist Corey Hamm (Nu:BC Collective)
Passing Stance: Palucca Schule (Dresden)


Carmina Burana: Alberta Ballet
4 Flights Down: Cedar Lake Dance
Terpsichorean Tale: Duet with percussionist Boris Sichon


SubSilence: Emily Molnar Dance (full-length work)
New York City Choreographic Institute: New York City Ballet
Opus: Ballet BC Mentor Program and Arts Umbrella Dance Company
Her reach unfolds: Arts Umbrella Dance Company
Bouncy Curious: SYB Company
Snap Song: Arts Umbrella Dance Company


Portrait of a Suspended Grace: Alberta Ballet
Hinged Memory: Commission for Amber Funk
Anatomy of Randomness: solo
Yes, she was…: solo
Shift State: SFU Repertory Company


Nolens Volens II: solo
lost in the colours: solo


Nolens Volens I: solo
Once: Arts Umbrella Dance Company


everywhere in between: Ballet British Columbia Mentor Program
Auscencia: solo
a silent shade of gray: Artist in Residence/Main Dance


Echo: Arts Umbrella Dance Company
Six Impossible Things: solo
“Animating the logo”: opening ceremonies for the Scotiabank Dance Centre


she stood standing: Collaboration with Dominique Dumais
Ensuite: solo works


out of verse: Creation for a collective evening SUMUS/ Frankfurt, Germany


Photos: David Cooper